Start a new life in a new place

Start a new life in a new place Swissed puts all its skill and experience to the service of clients who want to move their lives, families or companies to Switzerland.

Consultation in the corporate sector

Consultation in the corporate sector is offered by Swissed directly or indirectly through the intervention of specialists in various areas of customer interest. Swissed offers its customers decades of experience in the selection of the most qualified professionals to achieve the client's objectives in the corporate sector.

  • Advice on setting up a Swiss company or a subsidiary of a foreign company
  • Fiscal and legal consultancy for mergers, divisions, transformation and transfers of corporate headquarters in Switzerland
  • Advice on setting up foundations and trusts 
  • Advice for fiduciary 
  • Assistance for the preparation of tax returns for legal entities 
  • Advice for recruitment of senior management and employees for Swiss companies

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