Our Partners

Basel - Affiliated Relocation Consultant
Maureen Carlson Reinertsen, AIA/SIA
Was raised in Connecticut, USA and has lived in Paris, St. Thomas- USVI, and Cairo, Egypt. She holds a BA, Art History from Smith College and a Masters Degree, Architecture from Univ. of Pennsylvania. She is a member of the American and the Swiss Institute of Architects. She is a founder of Centrepoint, the Basel English-speaking community center.

Tel.: +41 (0)79 335 37 32
e-mail: maureen@swissed-relocation.ch

Zürich - Affiliated relocation Consultant

Marion Schwendinger founder and owner of Relocate Easy in Zürich.

Relocated to London for 2 years and worked for the German Embassy and assisted expatriates, more than 10 years of employment with the United States Consulate in Zürich, living in Switzerland since more than 26 years.

Tel: +41 (0)79 935 58 55

e-mail: welcome@swissed-relocation.ch


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