Always on the move

Always on the move, this was the life of Britta Soldati-Krantz. When she arrived in Switzerland from Sweden, her native country, it was 1966; still a young girl, Britta continued her studies on Swiss land, which she had begun in Sweden and Denmark.

Conquering Switzerland (and some foreign languages!)

She was hosted for nearly ten years of study, first by Ticino and then by Inner Switzerland, all the while living in close contact with the local people. Needless to say, this had allowed Britta not only to experience the Swiss customs, mentality and way of life firsthand, but also to learn its official languages. In addition to Swedish (her native language), Britta had in fact managed to learn Italian, German, Swiss German and French in addition to English, an essential language these days.

The first relocation

Well, you could say that the first customers Britta ever had was herself and her family, thanks to them moving onto Swiss land. Moving their lives to a different social, national and geographic environment had allowed them to directly experience all the difficulties and also the benefits and pleasures that this kind of change entails and also, how to put them to good use.

Many jobs, one profession

Even Britta's professional life was adventurous: having returned to Sweden after her studies, she was an import/export manager for Scandinavia, Switzerland, Italy and France; when she came back to Switzerland she worked in insurance for several years and later opened a home products shop in Lugano. This was a really valuable opportunity to directly relate to people and understand the real needs and problems of a family.

From Mom to entrepreneur

After 13 years of managing her shop, which involved mainly dealing with wedding plans, the time had finally come for Britta to marry and have children: two, to be precise. After being close to her children during their early years, Britta returned to engage in the business world, first as a sales agent of oil absorbents, then as a pharmacy assistant. Finally, she returned to the world of gift shops with Soldimpex, a company specializing in corporate promotional materials, that has introduced her to insurance companies, banks and big business groups in Switzerland.

A world of contacts

She just had access to a network branching in virtually every field across Switzerland, Italy and Sweden. This enabled her, when necessary, to provide the right contact at the right time to anyone and for any need, be it family or business. Well, there have been so many different jobs, but to think of it, they were all essential pieces for what would be her definitive and most important activity...

When customers are your best friends

Frankly, her profession in the field of relocation was born just for fun, by offering her contacts and knowledge to family and friends who wanted to move to Switzerland from other countries. But from there, the profession was just a step away: today there are many companies and private individuals who turn to Swissed to move their lives, their families or their business to another country, aware of all the benefits that Switzerland has to offer to them!


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