Switzerland is, in many aspects, a special country. That's why moving here can guarantee citizens of other countries numerous social, legal, health and economic benefits.The reason? The high quality of life! The examples are several: 

  • Switzerland is a multicultural nation that offers a high quality of life
  • (Minor) crime is almost absent 
  • It is a politically stable nation that is respectful of its citizens 
  • Its rules offer tax breaks and maintains, among other things, the global taxation plan 
  • Its banking system is of great value compared to many other countries 
  • Its geographical location is very appropriate from a strategic point of view: Switzerland is outside the EU, but is set in the heart of Europe 
  • It is technologically advanced, even from a medical and pharmaceutical point of view 
  • It has advanced and highly-skilled industries 
  • All government agencies operate in an extremely effective fashion 
  • It has a perfect health care system 
  • It is very important from the tourism standpoint: without crossing the national borders you have the opportunity to experience profusely diverse geographical regions, from the Mediterranean climate of Ticino to the northern ambiance of the Alps. Even the sports landscape offers a myriad of possibilities, from golf to climbing, from sailing to hiking and seasonal sports like ice hockey. Same for the historical, cultural and ethnic aspect.

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